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Hello! Welcome to Maltby Design Co.

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Hello! This is the first blog post for Maltby Design Co. and the start of what is to become a source of inspiration and updates. This blog will feature new projects, events and community work as well as helpful insights into what makes good visual communication. Below is a little bit about why Maltby Design Co. was launched.

Why design matters

To some design is a luxury, yet it has a huge impact – from influencing our purchases to engaging us with important information. We’ve probably all experienced both the positive and negative effects of design and advertising, no matter how subtle. Perhaps we don’t always know why we select one brand over another, yet its messaging will connect with us in ways that others do not – it is conveyed before a product has even left the shelf. The right visual communication is key.

But even the design industry can be quite divided on what makes for good design. Just in the last week there have been hundreds of arguments on social media over company re-brands, criticising work based on aesthetics before companies have seen any real results. Design is not simply about looking good or winning awards, design should make information clearer, services easier to use and choices easier to make.. What I feel the design industry is lacking is authenticity – work that gets to the heart of solving problems rather than work that appeals to other designers or fits in with trends. We have become so obsessed with perfection that we’re missing the point. What we’re really craving is something real – brands that are honest and authentic.

Good design not only helps to make businesses profitable but it can also influence the culture in extremely positive ways (and both those things can work in collaboration). How can we design products and services that make a positive impact? How can we ensure consumers feel good about their decisions and experiences? 

Through sharing insights into the ways design makes a positive impact it encourages more of the same. It also helps businesses to understand the importance of their brands and the influence they have on their community and the wider world.

Creativity has the potential to make a huge impact and cultivate the culture around us – it encourages problem solving and inspirational thought. But it also works – it’s not just beautiful, but useful. That’s why Maltby Design Co. came to be and why this blog is planning to shed a little light on the stuff behind the scenes… the hard graft that makes design effective.

Thanks for reading and watch this space 👀

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