Maltby Design Co.
Design & Illustration studio


The process

Each job is broken down into various stages, depending on each client’s requirements. Most jobs have some if not all of the following stages:

1. Listening 

This stage enables you to give clear expectations and goals. Who is your audience? Who are your competitors? What do you want to achieve? What are your expectations? Questions are asked and then listened to in order to gain insight and understanding.

2. Research 

The research stage enables us to decipher the right direction and the best form of visual communication to make sure the project has maximum impact for your audience.

3. Ideas & direction

Ideas are developed from research, presented as initial sketches, concepts or mood boards. This stage sets a clear direction for the project and decides on any appropriate collaborators.

4. Development

Development is a two way process, presenting visuals, options, discussing feedback and refining ideas in order to finalise the work. This stage is the ‘hands on’ part of the process, where ideas take shape. 

5. Final output

After approval, design work is finalised and sent in relevant formats. If appropriate, style guides are created and sent for reference. 

6. Feedback

After job completion, feedback is requested in order to gauge impact of the work.